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Budget Billing

Our Budget Plan is a 12-month program in which your Budget Plan payments begin in August and runs through the following July. Each following year, your August bill will be adjusted to your new budget payment amount. If your account was previously on the Budget Plan, and has a balance remaining (either owing or credit), your new budget amount will be increased or decreased accordingly.

Northwest Gas calculates your Budget Plan amount based on the past consumption of natural gas, projected natural gas prices and normal weather conditions. By averaging your natural gas payments over several months, the Budget Plan helps you avoid the payment peaks caused by cold winter weather.

  1. Customers with up-to -date accounts are eligible to enroll in the Budget Plan. If joining after the August start of the program, payment amounts will be prorated over the remaining months of the Budget Program year.

  2. Periodically, Northwest Gas will review your Budget payment amount and may make necessary changes based on current weather and natural gas prices.

  3. Budget payments are due in full each month by the due date. If your account is two months behind in budget payments, your account will be removed from budget billing.

  4. The customer has the option to cancel the Budget Plan at any time. Upon cancellation your Budget Plan balance will be applied to your account.

  5. If your account was on the Budget Plan as of the last billing you received, your account will continue to be on the Budget Plan until you cancel.
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