Gas Leaks/Odors

Call Northwest Gas If You Smell Gas
24 Hour Emergency Response:
Call 1-800-367-6964

  • EVACUATE the building or area immediately.
  • DO NOT USE telephones (including cell phones), doorbells, light switches, pagers or any other electrical equipment.
  • DO NOT START UP OR SHUT DOWN any vehicles, machinery or equipment near the area.
  • TRAVEL UPWIND to escape any potentially dangerous accumulation of gas.
  • DO NOT RE-ENTER the area until told it is safe.
  • CALL the gas supplier from a safe location – NOT where you smell gas.
  • DO NOT light a match, operate light switches, garage door openers, appliances, engines, or any other potential sources of ignition.
  • DO NOT attempt to control the leak. If the gas is burning – let it burn.
  • KEEP other people out of the area until help arrives.